Revolutionizing the industry, one slice at a time

We’re a new company with an old soul — simultaneously embracing modern technology while also on a journey to bring back traditional baking methods. If that sounds impossible, you’re almost right. But we’re making it happen. We’re challenging everything we do to change the world of baking.

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Passionate team members from across Canada

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Our Mission

We’re on a journey to make the best bread and bakery products imaginable.

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What we stand for

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Damn, that’s good

When it comes to quality and taste, we set the bar high. We harness the power of technology and traditional baking methods where possible to deliver deliciousness into every bite.

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For the people

We feed Canada. They’re counting on us, day in and day out! Our bread must always be within easy reach.

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Powered by tech

Innovation, efficiency, progress. Technology is human magic, and it’s how we serve our consumers a little better every day.

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Trust is earned

We’re honoured that Canadians trust us to feed their families. Safety and consistent quality are everything.

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Our Sustainability promise: Fresh thinking. Swift action.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. As a company that bakes millions of products a day, we have a responsibility to make, package, and deliver those products sustainably.

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Waste | TRUE Zero Waste Certification

We’re on a mission to be Zero Waste Certified. This monumental task requires a review and refinement of every process, across 13 bakeries. Our data collection team is already on the job.

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Energy and Carbon | Energy Star Certification

We’re working to make our qualifying bakeries Energy Star Certified. More than half of our Wonderbrands bakeries already meet this important standard.

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