Harnessing the power of Fresh-Baked ThinkingTM

Gadoua sandwich club blanc loaf
Wonder white loaf
Country Harvest loaf
D'italiano brioche loaf
Casa Mendosa tortillas

Goodbye ordinary. Hello wonder.

At Wonderbrands™, our mindset is as fresh as the bread we bake daily. Sure, we’ve got the brands you know and love, but we’re bringing new ideas to the table everyday. It’s all part of our mission to deliver better, fresher tasting baked goods to all Canadians.

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From our oven to Canada’s table

We’re a new company with a rich Canadian history. Learn how our Fresh-Baked Thinking™ is changing the future of bakery.

Learn about WonderbrandsTM
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Join the fresh revolution

We’re smart, passionate, and determined to make an impact. If you think you’ve got what it takes, join us.

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Wonderbrands Team Members in front of new Wonderbrands Truck